The Directors' Fortnight 2014 was the third led by Edouard Waintrop, who chose to open this 46th edition with a French film. Celine Sciamma therefore had the honors to launch this edition with [...]

After a 2012 edition full of promise, the 2013 edition confirmed these hopes with a selection welcomed by the public (with a slight increasing of the attandance, at [...]

This is the first year of Edouard Waintrop as the Fortnight artistic director. He replaces , who now works at the Tribeca Film Festival. After working as a film critic for Libération for 26 [...]

The Directors' Fortnight presented 25 features, 13 shorts and 4 special programs. [...]

This is the first year of Frédéric Boyer as the Fortnight artistic director. He replaces Olivier Père, who now works at the Locarno Film Festival. Frédéric Boyer has [...]

The Directors' Fortnight presented 24 features and 12 shorts. In addition, the Fortnight included a screening of Hotaru to accompany the SRF presentation of the Carrosse d'Or award to the Japanese [...]

The Directors' Fortnight celebrated its 40th anniversary. It presented 22 features, 10 shorts and three special programs. In addition, the Fortnight included a screening of Stranger Than Paradise [...]

The Directors' Fortnight presented 23 features, 10 shorts and three special programs. In addition, the Fortnight included a screening of Thérèse (1986) to accompany the SRF presentation [...]

The Directors' Fortnight screened 22 features, 11 shorts and three special events. In addition to the Fortnight screenings one film was presented by the SRF: Dead Zone de David Cronenberg (1983), the [...]

The Directors Fortnight screened 21 features, 14 shorts and two special events. In addition to the Fortnight screenings two films were presented by the SRF: Claire Simon's Est-ce qu'on a gagné [...]

Olivier Père is named the new artistic director of the Directors' Fortnight by the SRF. He intends to "restore the singularity and audacity of this prestigious, world-rank event." The editorial [...]

The French Directors' Society has appointed a new Artistic Director : François Da Silva. A new team has been formed to make a selection of world cinema, original viewpoints, sometimes [...]

In 2002, the Directors' Fortnight selection included 22 feature films ­ six of them first films ­ and 12 shorts, six French and six foreign. The Fortnight also held its first midnight [...]

The Quinzaine presented 21 feature films, including one documentary, 12 French and foreign shorts, and three films by plastic artists, including Dominique Gonzales-Foerster's Riyo and [...]

In 2000, the Fortnight presented 27 features, 11 of them by first-time directors in the running for the Camera d'or, 11 French or foreign shorts, 17 films by artists and a batch of very short films [...]

The Fortnight has a new team. Marie-Pierre Macia is appointed artistic director by the SRF. In the foreword to the 1999 catalogue she writes: "My ambition for the Fortnight is to preserve its free [...]

Marc Levin's Slam, sweeps the Caméra d'or, The Cicae Prize and the Public Prize of the City of Cannes. Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses ('76 Fortnight) is screened in memory of producer [...]

Naomi Kawase's Suzaku (Japan) wins the Caméra d'Or. Writing on the French selection, which includes Bruno Dumont's The Life of Jesus, Pierre-Henri Deleau notes in the catalogue foreword:"We are [...]

Revelation of Sandrine Veysset's Will It Snow for Christmas ?, which will win France's Louis Delluc Prize for best first feature. World premiere of Takeshi Kitano's Kids Return. [...]

An Iranian film by Jafar Panahi, The White Balloon, wins several awards: the Caméra d'Or, the Fipresci Prize and the Cicae Prize. [...]

Special screening of a collective film by the SAGA group (Sarajevo Group of Authors): Man, God, the Monster. The film, composed of three documentary shorts, describes life under siege in the embattled [...]

The Fortnight is 25, "a quarter of the age of cinema," as Denys Granier-Deferre, president of the SRF, writes in the catalogue foreword. To mark the occasion, a special Fipresci prize is given to [...]

Yet another move (the sixth in 24 years!) - this time to the Noga Hilton, built on the website of the old Palais Croisette. This is where screenings are still held today. World premieres of: John [...]

World premiere of Jaco van Dormael's Toto le héros, which receives the Caméra d'Or and the Youth prize for best foreign film. Another world premiere: Atom Egoyan's The Adjuster (Canada) and Maria [...]

Ferid Boughedir's Halfaouine is a last-minute selection. Screened at Cannes before the deliberations of the Tunisian censorship board, the film avoids the cuts that would no doubt have been demanded, [...]

Another move: the screenings are now divided between the Debussy auditorium at the new Palais des Festivals and the Arcades theater. In the Fortnight catalogue, Roberto Benigni has no qualms about [...]

It's the very last year for the Palais Croisette, which is to become a hotel complex. Mira Nair's Indian film, Salaam Bombay, wins the Caméra d'Or. [...]

A first: the Fortnight presents a "surprise film": Ken Friedman's Made in U.S.A, in its director's cut - the producer had entirely reedited the film against the director's wishes. The Fortnight [...]

The number of screenings for each film is increased from three to four, with maximum seating increasing from 4,500 to 6,000 to accommodate "the most attentive, most generous audience I could hope to [...]

A threat hangs over the Palais Croisette - the city has planned to sell the Palais Croisette. Is this its final year? Susan Seidelman's Desperately Seeking Susan receives a 15-minute ovation. [...]

Some films which are well received by Cannes audiences, subsequently enjoy wide theatrical release: Stephen Frears's The Hit, James Ivory's The Bostonians, and Jim Jarmusch's Stranger than Paradise, [...]

After the opening of the new Palais des Festivals for the Official Selection, the Fortnight moves to the Palais Croisette, thus increasing its seating capacity from 500 to 1,500. Will the audiences [...]

The fight against censorship continues: a film from the Philippines, Mike de Leon's Batch 81, presented at the Fortnight, endures no less than 27 cuts before being shown in its country of [...]

Opening of a Super-8 section that will last until 1983. Diego Risquez' Bolivar's sinfonia tropical is such a hit that it is subsequently blown up to 35mm and again shown at the Fortnight a year [...]

French films are no longer part of the Fortnight selection, but have their own program: "Perspectives on French Cinema" organized by the SRF. Audiences for Fortnight screenings keep growing. To [...]

A French film, Michel Andrieu's Bastien Bastienne opens the Fortnight. Also in the program: films by Nikita Mikhalkov, Jiri Menzel, Bigas Luna, Ken Loach... [...]

The Fortnight celebrates its 10th anniversary and presents such benchmark films as Werner Schroeter's Il Regno di Napoli, Alain Fleischers' Zoo zéro and Fernando Solanas' Los Hijos de Fierro, which [...]

The year is overshadowed by the death of Henri Langlois - the Fortnight poster pays tribute to the founder of the Cinémathèque Française. The selection includes films from as far afield as [...]

The Fortnight opens with Nagisa Oshima's In the Realm of the Senses. The film is a triumph, so much so that the five scheduled screenings are increased to 12. [...]

The Fortnight is officially recognized: Michel Guy, the state secretary for cultural affairs, opens the event. The Fortnight program includes the Taviani brothers' Allonsanfan, Chantal Akerman's [...]

Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro attend Cannes for the first time to present Mean Streets, screened in the Fortnight. It's also the first voyage outside the Soviet Union for Georgian director Otar [...]

Youssef Chahine's Al Ousfour (The Sparrow) escapes the Egyptian censors by being shown at Cannes (the print had already arrived in France) and at same time wins the National Grand Prize back home. The [...]

A second cinema, the Star, reinforces the Français, stormed by audiences in 1971. The Fortnight selection includes Paul Morrissey's Heat, Morrissey's earlier, The Chelsea Girl had be selected for [...]

Certain films presented during the 1970 edition have gone on to enjoy commercial success, such as Liliana Cavani's Cannibali and Joachim Pedro de Andrade's Macunaima. The Fortnight has found its [...]

The search for films is organized with Pierre-Henri Deleau and Alain Cavalier traveling around Europe, and Pierre Kast scouring Latin America. 1970 also marks the appearance of the Fortnight's [...]

Inaugural edition of the Fortnight, under the direction of Pierre-Henri Deleau, who will embody its spirit for the next 30 years. With the slogan «Cinema at liberty», the event is [...]

« All films are born free and equal. » Pierre Kast. French society is in turmoil, but at Cannes the Festival goes on... Before being interrupted by a handful of angry filmmakers, [...]
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