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A strange course of events ©
A strange course of events ©
A Strange Course of Events ©
A strange Course of Events ©
A strange course of events ©
A strange course of events ©
A strange course of events ©
World premiere
Feature film / 1h38 / Directors' Fortnight 2013

Living alone after his divorce, Saul works on the front desk in a health clinic and is trying to get by. His loneliness, however, does not go away. He decides to visit his father Shimon with whom he’s never had a close relationship and whom he holds responsible for all of his troubles. Shimon and his new partner Betty, with her magical amulets, decide to cure him of his woes thanks to art therapy and precious stones. Although Saul feels as though he is entering hell, he doesn’t realise that he is taking his first steps towards heaven.

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Raphael Nadjari, Geoffroy Grison
Laurent Brunet
Michael Gurevitch
Maha Assal
Simon Birman
Jocelyn Soubiran & Jean-Pierre Sluys
Ori Pfeffer, Moni Moshonov, Michaela Eshet, Maya Kenig, Bethany Gorenberg, Maya Dagan

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Production :
Avenue B production
7 bis rue Geoffroy Marie
75009 Paris – France
Tél : +33 1 4800 0235

Coproduction :
Transfax Film Production LTD. (Israël)
Laila Films (Israël)
Vito Films (France)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
55 rue Traversière
75012 Paris - France
Tél: +33 1 4467 3000

International press :
Monica Donati
Cell: +33 6 2385 0618

Manlin Sterner

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